Who are we?

  • Just High Functioning Autism (HFA) or Aspergers
  • An Arizona corporation, public charity (501c3), and Az Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO-Az Dept of Rev-working poor tax credit) 
  • Just Phoenix area…(we do want to help you connect to other cities too)
  • Only group to have kids (4-18) meet monthly with emphasis on FRIENDS as well as regular social clubs related to our kid’s passions
  • HFA support group leader in Phoenix
  •  A friendly face- we  ”get you” and DO understand !      
Phoenix High-Functioning Autism & Aspergers Support Network (Phoenix HFA) is the only Phoenix area group where KIDS (4-18) AND PARENTS meet. It is a metropolitan Phoenix area, grass roots, volunteer support organization for families with high functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome & related disorders). No one knows our kids like family, so together we work to make our kid’s lives fulfilling. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of our families through education and social networks while preparing our kids successfully for the future, both emotionally and vocationally. We work with YOU as a team!
How do we do this?  Through a pool of committed volunteers like YOU, and with lots of creativity and passion to help these amazing kids and their families! Join us to support what we do!  This casual, but recurring encounter often keeps depression at bay, but more importantly it often is the beginnings of friendship (that need to be nurtured separately too).
Just look around the website when you get a chance…there is a lot here to “digest” and it continues to evolve too.  Members of our 24/7 yahoo chat site enjoy access to the entire website.

There are public and member only pages on our website.

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Special thanks to Amy & Scottsdale Bible Church ( who allows us to meet!
Special thanks to Sandy Klewicki, our photographer, who brings what we do to life! See right hand side link “See what we do in pictures!”